TNC Solutions Accounting is now trading as "Savvy Profit Advisory" and we are in the process of creating a fresh new website!

TNC Solutions Accounting is now trading as -

Savvy Profit Advisory

We are in the process of creating a fresh new website!

Being 100% cloud-based TNC Solutions can work with any business anywhere in Australia. They currently support clients in Perth, Mackay and throughout South East Queensland and have worked with a diverse range of clients throughout Australia. They are currently based in Brisbane allowing them to support businesses locally in Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area.

TNC Solutions skill set is in simplifying and streamlining existing accounting procedures to save time, money and a whole lot of stress 😀



Tony has been a member of CPA Australia for more than 20 years. 

Tony has a broad range of experience as a corporate accountant and a strong background in financial reporting and taxation. As a Registered Tax and BAS Agent and a Xero Certified Advisor with payroll and tax badges he is very capable of helping you get your business thriving. His skill set has also been in simplifying and streamlining accounting procedures to save time and money.


You'll only ever speak with Tony and Candace and they like to return emails and phone calls within the day.

Who likes to wait days for answers to important questions? We don't, so we won't do it to you!

TNC Solutions offer free financial advice to all regular bookkeeping clients. You can call at any time regarding any question and there is never any charge. Now that's a bit special!


"If you cannot explain it simply you don't understand it well enough" - Einstein

TNC Solutions will always simplify complicated advice keeping it "Jargon free" so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do.