Bookkeeping & BAS

"Beware of the little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship" - Benjamin Franklin

Xero certified practice

Paperless Bookkeeping

Xero is beautifully simple cloud based accounting software allowing you to be 100% paper free!

TNC Solutions include your monthly subscription to Xero in your monthly fixed fee. They will train you how to upload your receipts using the Xero app on your smartphone and then your work is done!

Uploaded receipts are captured are stored within Xero. TNC Solutions will regularly reconcile your transactions against your bank statements which are seamlessly fed into the Xero software. This process keeps you ATO compliant, allows you to have up-to-date information on how your business financials are looking and ensures that nothing is missed.

Fixed Fees Packages

TNC Solutions know many business owners fret over what their accounting and bookkeeping may cost them so they like to take away that guess-work and worry by using fixed fee packages.

The packages generally include the following:

  1. Bank Reconciliation: Each transaction on the clients bank statement will need to be reconciled and so TNC Solutions will find the most economic package for you based on transaction volume in your business bank account.

  2. BAS lodgement: This is included in your bookkeeping packages because TNC Solutions knows what and how to claim to get their clients the best possible tax outcome.

  3. Free CPA advice: This is standard with TNC Solutions because they believe what's the point of having an accountant when you can't pick up the phone and have a quick chat about a problem you're facing while you're having it?

  4. Discount on financial statements: TNC Solutions can offer their clients a discount on financial statements because they know the information is accurate as they have been doing the bookkeeping!

CPA advice free with all packages
Qualified BAS agent

Fixed fee packages include BAS lodgement

TNC Solutions prepare and lodge their clients BAS as part of their service because they want to make sure that the client gets all that they are entitled to. Xero software ensures this process as it is all documented as the transaction happens through your bank statement.