Specialised Services

During troubled financial times your business may need a little more than just bookkeeping and taxation - TNC Solutions are there to help!

Financial Controller

CPA Financial Controller Packages

With more than 20 years of experience as a CPA, Tony is well equipped to help you through tough times and keep your precious business profitable. Financial controller packages include weekly or fortnightly one-on-one meetings where you will be mentored to read and interpret your financial records. This will help you see where you need to tighten up or what you need to be aware of so as to keep your business healthy or get you back on track.

"During the recent COVID-19 period we're proud to say all our clients managed to weather the storm. Some even prospered because they availed themselves of this service."

Business Structure Advice

Finding the right structure and getting it set up can be expensive and time consuming so TNC Solutions take the time to understand your needs and that of your business so that they can get it right from day one. This time spent understanding you and your business goals is often done at the initial consult which they offer free if you decide to engage them.

"The right business structure will give you and your business partners security and flexibility and done correctly can save you money!"

Business Structure Advice