Specialised Services - Our Trusted Partners

"Because we care we go further than just our field - We set you up with professionals to guide you and save you money even outside your business needs"

Home Loan Mortgage Broker

Smart Mortgages

TNC Solutions take the time to get to know their clients well and in doing so they become aware of the needs their clients have to potentially save money in all areas of their financials including outside of their business. Whether you are buying, building, renovating, refinancing or consolidating TNC Solutions refer them to their trusted partner Aaron Krause who has over 25 years of experience in the residential mortgage industry

Aaron Krause will work for you, not the banks and yet it won't cost you anything for his services!

Maroochy Financial Services

When TNC Solutions can see the need to offer the services of a qualified and experienced financial planner they do not hesitate to refer their clients to Simon Patterson and his team at Maroochy Financial Services.

Over the years Maroochy Financial Services have saved TNC Solutions clients money by re-organising their finances. This service is also completely free to you!

Financial Planner